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Testimonials from Divine Wigs' Clients


Thank you Marie for making my wig purchase such a nice experience. After finding out I had breast cancer and would be needing a wig, I went to two wig places to get a wig. The women were pushing and did not listen to what I was looking for. You listened to me and made me feel comfortable trying on different styles all in the comfort of my own home. Thank you so very much!

-Teri M.



Hi Marie,

Thank you for your time and showing me the many options in styles/looks, in a way I probably wouldn't have ever done in a store. I had fun trying on the different wigs and seeing the different looks on me.  I wore the wig out last night to dinner with some friends and family. They all said that it looked really good. I also put on one of the wigs I had previously bought to compare with the one I bought from you, and the older one did not fit good at all. I guess that is why I didn't feel good about wearing it, because I didn't feel confident.  I was always afraid that it would slip off my head at the wrong time.   However, I wore the new wig I got from you all evening and never once experienced any of that. It almost felt like it was my own hair and not a wig. In other words, I felt both comfortable and confident with wearing it, so I will be wearing it a lot. Thank you. Looking forward to seeing you again real soon.

-Mary G.



Marie, who owns Divine Wigs comes to your home to show you different types of wigs in all colors and styles. She came to my sister's house since she is a cancer patient and we had a wig party. It was so much fun trying on different styles and enjoying ourselves. All 3 of us bought a wig. Marie is a very nice person and goes out of her way to help you and make you feel very comfortable. If you need a wig, please give her a call.

-Nancy H.



Dear Marie - I can't tell you how much I appreciate you. You did such a great job explaining the wig to me and how to take care of it. I wore wigs when I was much younger, about 35 years ago, and you spent so much time with me answering each and every question without making me feel uncomfortable. My visit with you was very pleasurable.  Thank you.

-Katherine B.



Marie, who owns Divine Wigs, brings all different kinds of wigs and headcovers to your home to try on. She's so helpful and knowledgable about what she does.  My family and I had a blast trying on all the wigs. You will love her and have so much fun in your own home.

-Deborah J.



My experience today was unbelievable!  You made choosing my wigs a positive experience rather than a depressing one.  You are such a caring person.  Your wigs are amazing.  They look and feel like real hair and your choices as to what I might like were right on.  What could have been a traumatic experience turned into a very enjoyable one.  I will highly recommend you and your company and I feel like I've made a new friend.  Good luck to you.  I hope your business flourishes (and it should).

-Linda D.



Marie, I just wanted to let you know how much I love my wigs!  I did finally lose my hair.  I get so many compliments on the wig and it looks so natural!  Matter of fact, people saw me with it on and actually thought it was my real hair.  I am advertising your business!  I may continue to use the wig even after my chemo!  Thank you again.

-Linda D.



It has been a highly positive and pleasurable experience meeting Marie. at this difficult time in my life.   Marie is a unique representative whose empathy and understanding eased the anxieties of a challenging medical condition.  Breast cancer with its invasive surgical and chemical treatments were quite a lifestyle change for me.  Marie's natural looking wigs and attractive caps provided me the confidence that I was able to perform my activities of daily living in a tasteful, feminine style.

-JoAnn V.



Marie, I wanted to tell you how much I love my wig.  Everyone seems to think it suits me well.  You are such a wonderful spokesperson for offering such a needed service.  Thank you for taking God's advice!  I have told many people about you.  Keep up all your good work.  I know I shall return to you when I need an "upgrade".

-Nancy M.



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